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La Cruz Writer’s Group Goes In Search of New Inspiration

Last Saturday the La Cruz Writer’s Group (four of us) took a Field Trip. Usually the group meets on Saturday morning in the marina lounge, but this Saturday we wanted to do something different. At first we were going to head inland and north to Tepic, but that involved a long bus ride, so we opted for Los Arroyos Verdes instead. ( A van from Arroyos Verdes, adorned with flames, drove out to pick us up at the marina, and fifteen minutes later we were in a tropical paradise, 30,000 square meters of gardens, thirty-two casitas for rent, including a silver airstream trailer, a spa, swimming pool, restaurant and lounging areas. The force behind this fabulous place is Lupe, an architect and former sailor, who welcomed us enthusiastically.



And art is everywhere, sculpture, painting, decorative arts and glass, glass, glass. (For a while I was a fused glass artist when I lived in Portland and Taos.) This is definitely a place that is worth numerous return visits. Our happy and congenial group wandered, lunched, visited, and explored, including exploring topics for each of us to write about in the coming week. I am very lucky to have a writer’s group of friendly, talented women to inspire me and bring me out of the writing doldrums.




This past week we were visited by the rainy outbands of Tropical Storm Manuel, a yellow warbler who was attacking her image in the kitchen window, and two friends who came to dinner so we could thank them for feeding the marina cats while we were away. And we helped paint a new restaurant and cruiser’s hangout in town, mixing orange paint and sweat. The next post will tell all.

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