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One Particular Harbor

But there’s this one particular harbor
So far but yet so near
Where I see the days as they fade away
And finally disappear.
Jimmy Buffett 1983

Do you have a favorite place in the world? Nikk does, and we visited there in January while on “vacation” from the marina in La Cruz. Imagine a little lagoon, La Laguna de Las Cuevas, the lagoon of the caves, turquoise water, golden sand, tropical palm trees and sunny skies. We anchored bow and stern in fifteen feet of water, paddled ashore to join some gringos and mexicans on the beach, explored by foot on cobbled roads and sketchy trails up into the forest, and then enjoyed two days of paddling, snorkeling and relaxing, mostly with the lagoon all to ourselves. I did get to keep a Mexican guard from drowning when I towed him back to shore with the kayak after he swam out too far for his swimming ability. The plantation that owns the beach posts two guards there at the plantation house and beach, complete with rifles, pistols and knives, and they collect money from the people that come through the plantation to go to the beach. Everyone leaves after sunset, and then In the evenings, mangrove swallows fly into the caves at sea level, and fly out again right at dawn. Nikk discovered the lagoon twenty-eight years ago, and we were both happy to find that there were no houses, condos, hotels or resorts on this one unspoiled section of Pacific Coast. The town of San Blas has also escaped most tourist development, and we headed there next.




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