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There’s that light again. Not the moon, too many clouds. Not in the sky, either, down on the ground, moving around. Here I am, laying out on my branch, a bit sluggish now that the nights are getting colder and my juices are not flowing so well. Just barely opened my eye and BLAM, there’s that big light down there. I’m up here almost at the top of the tree, trying to get some sleep before morning when it’s time to get up and munch some leaves. Got to get my calcium balanced, a big boy like me needs strong bones to move this two feet of body and three feet of tail around in the trees.

Seven years ago this whole place changed, my tree was right at the edge of the beach, and down below some big ponds to splash around in when I wanted a change from hanging out in the branches of this huge tree. Man, did the tree shake when all those big machines went by every day, bringing in rocks, and strange looking rocks they were, dumping them all over the place. Then they pushed the sand onto the land and covered up the ponds, made all these weird places for the two-legged creatures to walk out on the water, and planted so many palm trees. I wanted them to plant more of the trees with leaves I like to eat, but our youngsters like hanging out in those palms, so it’s all right. Now there’s many, many two-leggeds and most of them don’t even know I’m up here. I can’t complain too much though, the relatives in other places like Fiji and the Caribbean are losing all their trees, pretty soon there might not be any more iguanas there. The two-leggeds don’t know that we animals can communicate with pictures we send to each other, along with feelings, even over long distances.

We iguanas pretty much stay in the same place, I’ve been here for about fourteen years now, we just lost a lot of branches on one of my favorite trees this summer, but I’m staying unless this tree falls over or gets cut down. I went over to the plaza to check out some of the trees over there, just in case I needed a new home, but those trees don’t have as many good hiding places. A few years ago some of my relatives got grabbed by humans and taken far away. Those humans didn’t know they needed special leaves to eat, they fed them all sorts of ridiculous stuff like melons and dog food, and then the poor iguanas got that bone disease and died. I just hope I get to live here until I die. By the way, my name is Ziggy, and the two-legged with the light is gone, so now I’m going to wriggle around on this branch, arrange my tail, get comfy, and go back to sleep before morning..

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