Sailing away with Nikk and Jan


It’s a common theme: an experienced sailor (Nikk) and an inexperienced but very willing first mate (Jan) plot, plan, and set sail from Portland, Oregon, to points sunny and warm. Follow us as we share our journey, from provisioning and outfitting, to the excitement of sailing and confronting the vagaries of ocean, weather, and life in very close quarters.

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  1. So bloody BRAVE! Of course, you don’t see it like that; but I’ve always found the sea to be implacable. My compliments on … everything!

    • There have been only a few moments of terror, luckily. Right now it’s very calm where we’re anchored, in a bay on the west coast of Mexico, and the storms are over for the next seven months or so. Are you in Sydney? Lovely city for sailing. I lived in Adelaide ’72-’75, and I love Australia. I want to read your book!

  2. Thank you for liking my Photo of the Week… I’m so glad to find your blog.

    You are living a dream that my husband and I have pondered… ever since first attending the Wooden Boat Festival up in Port Townsend. We’ve gotten so far as building our own sea kayaks and exploring many of the fresh and some of the salt waters you know up here in the Pacific Northwest! I finished reading your first entry from August 2012… can’t wait to continue.
    God speed… Jane

    • So glad you found the blog and enjoy reading! And you built your own kayaks, that’s wonderful. My dad built a wooden kayak back in the late 60’s, it was my first time in a kayak, little did I know that later in life a kayak would take me on so many adventures exploring the natural world. I hope you enjoy reading about our travels, and I’ll be visiting your blog again too.
      all the best,

  3. Raquel Romans said:

    Columbia Riverkeeper loves you two;)
    -Raquel Romans

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