Sailing away with Nikk and Jan

Today is October 27, the day to return to Mexico, and I’ve been singing the  song written by Philo Hayward, of Philo’s Bar, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle for the past few weeks, especially after learning of Philo’s unexpected passing on Sept. 5.  La Cruz will never be the same.  I can’t believe Philo will not be there grinning and singing, riding his scoot around the corner to Ana Banana’s in the morning, and taking a busload of revelers up to San Sebastian to take over the little silver mining town. Philo gave so much musically and to various charitable organizations all over the Bay of Banderas.  He was a HUGE presence, an “exceptional man” (as the writer for the Vallarta Times reminded us in the piece he wrote after Philo’s passing).  I wish we could have attended one of the memorials in La Cruz.  My memorial is to go to You Tube and listen to Philo sing Dreaming About Mexico.  Here’s the link  Enjoy.

It has been really quiet on the rainbowspinnaker site since May.  I’ve mostly posted to FB, and not much of that.  Cleaning out a 10’x20′ storage area and then finding “homes”  for all the stuff that we stored three years ago before setting sail for Mexico took quite a few weeks.  Once the weeks of manual labor were done, living at the cabin up by Mt. St. Helens with really spotty internet meant no blogging.  Pacific Core Energy dropped the reservoir 30 feet in June due to the drought (yes, Western Washington and Oregon actually had a drought this year).   No water on our end, so no sailing, kayaking, or taking the party barge to the waterfall for a cooling swim this year.  The dried lake bed gave us dust storms like desert haboobs every afternoon, miniature tornadoes of dust, and sometimes whooshing pillars of airborne sand, ash and dried mud against the house and into the house through minute cracks.

Instead of water sports we went hiking and exploring to visit mountain lakes and streams, old growth cedar and fir, deep pockets of greenery, wild waterfalls, and vistas of bare Cascade Volcanoes (Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Adams, and sometimes even Mt. Rainer from just the right viewpoint).


Even in August water was melting from the glaciers on Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Adams, misting us with the molecules from far-away snowfields.


Up above June Lake on the south side of Mt St Helens is the Loowit Trail, and a section of a downed tree missing.

Time at the cabin and in Portland began to speed up as October grew near.  Suddenly it was time to see as much of my kids and grandkids as possible, and the last meetings with friends for meals and music.  The leaves began changing, and the rains returned, even the mountain was dusted with the first fresh snow since the spring.



Goodbye to fall, goodbye to chilly nights, goodbye to autumn leaves and birds.  Time to end the Dreaming of Mexico and board the plane for our winter home.

Comments on: "I’ve Been Dreaming About Mexico" (5)

  1. The forest trails and waterfalls look so mystical… Makes me wanna visit someday!:)

  2. Hey there!

    I am in La Cruz at the moment waiting out weather to cross over to La Cruz. Hope to see you both. >

  3. There will be a huge crowd at Philo’s memorial service. The music will be fabulous. I’m sure everyone knows you’ll be there in spirit.

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