Sailing away with Nikk and Jan

We’re Still Here

Now it’s Saturday and we’re still in Punta de Mita. Everything was ready on the boat, including Nikk and Jan, so last Tuesday we set sail and then listened to the Cruiser’s Net broadcast at 8:30am. Strong winds from the south were predicted, with swells of 4-7 feet, and since our first anchorage would be facing south, we changed course and headed for the Mariettas to do some snorkeling and kayaking before seeking a calm dock back at La Cruz for the night. We kayaked around the rocks by the little cove we anchored in, found a beautiful white sand beach, only to have eight guys dropped off there with their large cooler. The waves were breaking about three feet high right before the beach, so we paddled back to the boat and snorkeled from there. Lucky for us we did, because the snorkeling was fabulous. Over one hundred fish about a foot long, grey with yellow tails, were swarming over some rocks ten feet below us. I think that another kind of fish had just laid eggs there, because the other fish, black with a blue head (I really do need to start learning the names of fish here) was trying to chase off the marauding yellow tails. Caviar on the rocks?


Ahab in a kayak? This is not the beach with the dudes with cooler full of beer.

Balance sailed easily back to La Cruz, Jan took a nap after all the kayaking and snorkeling, and we docked almost in our old spot, and right in the middle of a red tide blooming in the east bay and marina. The stench of rotting algae that cause the red tide, and the sight of hundreds of dead fish in the marina due to the algae using up all the oxygen in the water, was really sickening.

A dead puffer fish.

The next day it seemed to take forever until we could leave the marina, we were gagging on the smell all morning. Once again we anchored off Punta de Mita, expecting to leave the next day to sail south, when we saw the forecast for yet another storm moving right up from southern Mexico and aiming straight at us in a couple of days. So we changed our plans once again, and went bird watching, invited friends over for dinner on the boat, met another friend at the Hotel Coral restaurant on the beach for breakfast, and both of us finished the books we were reading. The advancing clouds Thursday night at the forefront of the storm made for one of the most photogenic sunsets we’ve had in Mexico.

A lemony sea. To get this shot I had to focus on the water, then raise the camera to frame the shot. Once again, the line of the sea is not quite horizontal, even with the sea that calm it’s hard to keep the camera level while shooting from the deck.

Friday night it rained, then poured, the winds blew, and the wind waves from the east kept us hobby horsing up and down so much I had to get the Sea Bands for my wrists, which press a magnet against an acupressure point on the inside of the wrist to alleviate seasickness. Of course the boat started leaking in a few places down in the cabin, despite a canopy and several tarps over the deck. By morning we could see whitecaps all around us, and we canceled our plans to take the bus into La Cruz for the swap meet so we could stay and monitor the boat. Now at 1pm the rain has stopped, we’ve mopped up the patches of water on the floor and settee, and I can put the books back into their “book nook”. Our third try to sail out will probably be Monday, wish us luck!

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  1. Good luck to the two of you! 🙂

  2. Love it there, will try and take my son there also!

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